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Marble tile


Make the most of your home with marble tile

When you choose marble tile for your home, we understand you will likely have questions about the materials and the services that go along with it. When you pair what you need with what you learn about the products you prefer, you can customize your purchase specifically and with purpose. Read along to find out a bit more about what these floors have to offer.

A few facts about marble tile flooring

Marble tile flooring is a 100% natural product that gives a spectacular performance in various lighting. However, as a porous material, you need to seal these products at least once a year to ensure the best results. So, while maintenance is a steady demand for this flooring line, it seems a fair trade for the stunning visual appearance they provide.

This material is easily polished to add an air of elegance perfect for any formal space, such as dining rooms, libraries, and studies. They add significant value to your home as well, and, contrary to many beliefs, these materials are far easier to maintain than you might have heard. Still, the materials are porous and will become discolored if water is left to puddle on the surface, so be sure to keep these floors dried soon after mopping.

Since marble is incredibly heavy and brittle, professional installation is always preferred to any other material installation. This can save you money on broken pieces and allow for proper subfloor preparation, vital for this installation. Experienced technicians also have access to the special tools for drilling and cutting, so save your peace of mind and leave this task to the professionals.

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Choosing your best marble tile flooring

No matter your requirements, Arc Stone & Tile has something for everyone, focusing on value, selection, and successful results for our respected customers. If you need, we work to ensure you find the perfect match with products and services that bring the results you want and need. Our associates are happy to answer your questions and help you browse our extensive inventory.

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